Western Union Payments


We're at home
with your business

Influence customer trends and improve cash flow

We're at home<br>with your business

Where can our payments solutions take you?

Our customized mortgage payment strategies are designed to help your customers make payments on time from the comfort of their homes, so your business can thrive.

The power of choice

Maximizing choice for your customers means offering a range of channels, payment types (including debit cards) and methods of communication so their individual needs are met and they are better able to pay on time and in full.

Say goodbye to paper

By using customized pricing strategies, we can help drive customers to switch to paperless billing and self-service payment channels, which reduces servicing costs and creates a more streamlined process.

Together for the long haul

Whether we’re creating adoption strategies for eBilling or planning an easy way to manage your resources, our experts stay with you to learn the unique needs of your business and help take you to the next level.

We know what makes your business tick

With a unique knowledge of the mortgage industry, we can help you take control of how your customers interact with your business, so you can get paid and keep growing.

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Make your
network work

Upgrade your business plan with some of the most advanced strategies available

Make your<br>network work

Where can our payment solutions take you?

Our telecom payment strategies come with the technology and ease to help your business get ahead.

Satisfaction is served

Providing self-service payment tools gives customers the flexibility to pay how and when they want to.

Together for the long haul

A consultative approach means more when it comes from a reliable account team with industry expertise.

Stay a step ahead

In an industry that’s focused on technology, it’s important to provide presentment and payment options that are just as advanced, from smartphone apps to online payment portals and email communication.

We know what makes your business tick

In the world of telecommunications, we can give your customers the technology they expect, and your business the unique payment strategy it deserves.

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Government Finance

Correct your
payment strategies

From public entities to private correctional facilities

Correct your<br>payment strategies

Where can our payment solutions take you?

Our government financial services provide convenient, reliable and efficient payment strategies for federal, state, and county government agencies - including correctional facilities, child support agencies and municipalities.

Automate the system

From inmate deposits to parole and probation payments, simplify your payment strategy with automated processing that integrates with your existing systems.

Agents of change

Western Union has more than 51,000 U.S. Agent locations and nearly 500,000 Agent locations around the world. We make it easy for friends and family to deposit commissary funds while providing former inmates with a convenient alternative for picking up release funds both domestically and internationally.

Government Agency Solutions

We’ll work with you to create unique strategies for tax and public utility remittances, permit and license payments, one-time fees, fines and citation payments.

We know what makes your business tick

Western Union has extensive experience working with federal, state and local governments, and we know how to help make you more efficient and more profitable.

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A new source of energy

Professional solutions to reinvigorate your billing and payment strategy

A new source of energy

Where can our payment solutions take you?

Improving your payment strategy is about more than reducing days sales outstanding—it’s about covering operating expenses, making billing easy, and opening the door to new investment opportunities.

Don’t run out of steam

We can help you reduce service disruptions, costly shut-offs, and overall hours and manpower required for utility services by sending you real-time notifications when payments are made on delinquent accounts.

Always powered up

Our comprehensive mobile and online payment options come with the confidence of maximum system uptime.

The 360-degree approach

When we offer eBilling programs, it means training customer service reps to gather email addresses. Text message payment implementation comes with marketing communication to build awareness. With us, successful strategies are planned from every angle.

We know what makes your business tick

When it comes to utilities, we provide the expertise and real-time reliability to help improve cash flow and keep your business running smoothly.

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Consumer Finance

Lending more than
a helping hand

See how quick, seamless payments can make all the difference

Lending more than<br>a helping hand

Where can our payment solutions take you?

In a business focused on lending money, our comprehensive solutions make it easy for you to get that money back and keep your customers on time with their payments through a variety of convenient payment options.

Advanced technology, easy tools

We offer some of the latest technology in mobile solutions, eBilling and communication, so your customers are better equipped to pay on time, consistently.

Together for the long haul

A consultative approach means more when it comes from a reliable account team with industry expertise.

Efficiency at every turn

We help you make strategic choices like offering self-service payment channels, so you can streamline collection efforts, reduce delinquencies, and avoid costly charge-offs.

We know what makes your business tick

When it comes to consumer finance, we provide strategic guidance and technology that will help your customers stay on top of payments, so that your business can thrive.

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Auto Finance

Auto payments with
automatic results

Get high-performance loan and portfolio services, consistently

Auto payments with<br>automatic results

Where can our payment solutions take you?

Our tailor-made auto finance payment strategies offer the most direct route to reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

The road to success

With some of the latest mobile, eBilling and communication technologies available, our robust suite of presentment and payment options can fit seamlessly into your business and help take it to the next level.

Together for the long haul

A consultative approach means more when it comes from a reliable account team with industry expertise.

Maximize your potential

We can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency by switching to self-serve payment channels, improving speed and accuracy of payments, and minimizing impact on your internal resources.

Satisfaction on every level

When you let customers pay how and when they want, it not only makes them happier—it also means reduced late and missed payments, defaults and costly repossession.

We know what makes your business tick

When it comes to auto finance, Western Union collaborates and provides the expertise to make payments seamless and put your business into full gear.

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Claiming the top

Help take the confusion out of the equation with simple, efficient and innovative strategies

Claiming the top

Where can our payment solutions take you?

When you work with us, we help analyze the details to develop strategies that will best serve your policyholders and help your business grow.

We've got you covered

With eBilling, mobile and communication technology, our robust suite of services is designed to help manage your resources and satisfy your customers.

Success on the go

When it comes to mobile capabilities, we don’t stop at text payments—we can create custom smartphone payment apps, incorporate payment functionality into your existing app, and provide skilled project management to facilitate app launch and integration.

Take the easy way out

Whether we’re making it easy to send funds to consumers with the Western Union Quick Cash® service or helping you offer self-service payment channels like eBilling with the Speedpay service, we’ll do the heavy lifting to streamline your payment processes.

We know what makes your business tick

When it comes to helping your insurance business grow, we understand what your customers want and what your payment strategy needs.

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