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Correct your
payment strategies

From public entities to private correctional facilities

Correct your<br>payment strategies

Where can our payment solutions take you?

Our government financial services provide convenient, reliable and efficient payment strategies for federal, state, and county government agencies - including correctional facilities, child support agencies and municipalities.

Automate the system

From inmate deposits to parole and probation payments, simplify your payment strategy with automated processing that integrates with your existing systems.

Agents of change

Western Union has more than 51,000 U.S. Agent locations and nearly 500,000 Agent locations around the world. We make it easy for friends and family to deposit commissary funds while providing former inmates with a convenient alternative for picking up release funds both domestically and internationally.

Government Agency Solutions

We’ll work with you to create unique strategies for tax and public utility remittances, permit and license payments, one-time fees, fines and citation payments.

We know what makes your business tick

Western Union has extensive experience working with federal, state and local governments, and we know how to help make you more efficient and more profitable.

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