Western Union Payments

Consumer Finance

Lending more than
a helping hand

See how quick, seamless payments can make all the difference

Lending more than<br>a helping hand

Where can our payment solutions take you?

In a business focused on lending money, our comprehensive solutions make it easy for you to get that money back and keep your customers on time with their payments through a variety of convenient payment options.

Advanced technology, easy tools

We offer some of the latest technology in mobile solutions, eBilling and communication, so your customers are better equipped to pay on time, consistently.

Together for the long haul

A consultative approach means more when it comes from a reliable account team with industry expertise.

Efficiency at every turn

We help you make strategic choices like offering self-service payment channels, so you can streamline collection efforts, reduce delinquencies, and avoid costly charge-offs.

We know what makes your business tick

When it comes to consumer finance, we provide strategic guidance and technology that will help your customers stay on top of payments, so that your business can thrive.

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