Western Union Payments


Claiming the top

Help take the confusion out of the equation with simple, efficient and innovative strategies

Claiming the top

Where can our payment solutions take you?

When you work with us, we help analyze the details to develop strategies that will best serve your policyholders and help your business grow.

We've got you covered

With eBilling, mobile and communication technology, our robust suite of services is designed to help manage your resources and satisfy your customers.

Success on the go

When it comes to mobile capabilities, we don’t stop at text payments—we can create custom smartphone payment apps, incorporate payment functionality into your existing app, and provide skilled project management to facilitate app launch and integration.

Take the easy way out

Whether we’re making it easy to send funds to consumers with the Western Union Quick Cash® service or helping you offer self-service payment channels like eBilling with the Speedpay service, we’ll do the heavy lifting to streamline your payment processes.

We know what makes your business tick

When it comes to helping your insurance business grow, we understand what your customers want and what your payment strategy needs.

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