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A More Perfect Union

Why Choose Western Union Payments?

Western Union started as a telegraph company in 1851, but it was with our launch of the Quick Collect® service in 1989 that we first entered the commercial payment services market. Since then, Speedpay, Inc. joined the Western Union family and became the first in the industry to offer a full suite of mobile payment solutions. We continue to be a leader in the industry with innovative and convenient payment strategies offered through Speedpay and Western Union for businesses that serve 50,000 or more bills per month.

*Speedpay, Inc. provides payments processing services to assist our clients in receiving payments from their customers. Western Union Financial Services Inc. provides its customers the ability to send money transfers to their billers to pay their bills.

Leading a global industry

We don’t just understand the payment industry—we understand your industry, and can help you identify what your customers need. This level of knowledge helps us build payment products and services that serve them best, so we can serve you best.

Experience that pays off

When you’ve been perfecting your business as long as we have, you gain more than a great reputation. With a 160-year-old brand and thousands of billers, we have the experience to help make your business better.

Constant progress

Our industry is always evolving, from regulatory changes and complex legal requirements to new channels and payments types—and we have the experience that helps us adapt and grow at every turn.

First on the scene

We’ve been building payment solutions since 1989. That means we come with a deeper understanding of the industry than many of our newcomer competitors.

Always on your side

With us you don’t just get payments—you get a real relationship. We’ll work with you to customize your payment strategy based on your priorities and our comprehensive real-time reports.

Higher standards,
higher returns.

Our payment strategies are an ideal option for your business, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Not only do we have the reliability of fully redundant data centers and disaster recovery process with 99.99% uptime, but our services are also proven to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction for our partners.


Western Union® Payments serves large billers with over 100,000 customers. If your business meets these criteria and you are interested in doing business with us, please fill out the form below so we can provide you with the specific information you need.

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Become part of
our network

As a member of our Western Union walk-in biller network, you’ll have access to our cash payment acceptance network of over 51,000 Agent locations in the United States. This means you can provide your customers with convenient walk-in payment options, along with electronic funding and posting that can help increase revenue and grow repeat business.