Mobile payment solutions for today's customers.

At Western Union®, we know it’s important to offer convenient payment options to your consumers, no matter where they are.

That’s why we’re dedicated to finding, developing and deploying the latest in mobile presentment and payment innovations. The result is a suite of services that you can use to help increase customer satisfaction while migrating your customers to more efficient payment channels and types.

What it is:

A suite of advanced mobile presentment and payment options that include :

  • SMS/Pay by Text
  • Mobile compatible payment sites and eBills
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integration tools that connect our payment solutions to existing mobile front-ends.

What it does for you:

  • Allows your customers to pay through their mobile device when, where and how they want
  • Minimizes the need for you to invest in mobile development
  • Helps lead to increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, improved efficiency and profitability
  • Reduces servicing costs and increases paper turn off rates

It’s your payment strategy, made strong by our partnership. To learn more, contact Western Union Payments today.


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